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Everyone always tends to repeat:
"New Year, new life. "
But to what extent do we know really measure the weight of this statement and put it into practice?

If in the past year,
you failed to achieve their goals,
dreams come true, accumulated grievances
and did not overcome unexpected challenges,
Now is the time to open the windows of the mind and heart for the future.

It is important to capture external messages and do not forget to look inwards because the path to a new life now, without fail, for our inner universe.

Mutation of the present moment, in short, depends exclusively on you. It depends on your mental work, to believe and achieve. Nothing or nobody can do it for you.

The aid can indeed come out, but the impetus must come from you. Regardless of your current situation.

First, question honestly:

"I really want to change my life?"

If your answer is yes, then it's time to move around because the new year is here.
For this to really give some, it is necessary first of all, allow yourself to change.

The next step is to break down those internal barriers so harmful to himself as prejudice, fear, envy and resentment.

And do not forget, the world around it just reflects who you are.

With this text I wish a happy new year to all that the coming year, is thriving with joy, all

have health and peace so all

                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Sara Nameer:
                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR LEON AN ALL MEMBERS



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