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Application Format



--- Code: ---Name:
Ingame Name:
In-game Score:
Screenshot of your in-game /stats:
How long are you playing SA:MP?:
How long are you playing on !!**SampEver Party Server**!!g?:
How often do you play daily at !!**SampEver Party Server**!!?:
Are you coming along well with other players?:
Contact possibilities:
Teamspeak available?:
Skype availabe?:
Have you ever used Hacks? (If so delete it):
Why do you want to be admin:
What are ur experience as a Admin?:
What would indicate that you are admin for us:
Would you tell us something?:
A player reports a cheater and he has godmode, what would you do?:
Have you ever been kicked/banned in our server? ( No, / Yes reason: )[/li]

--- End code ---

If you are new and decides to applicate, You will get accepted as Level 1.
If you have experience in being a Moderator on other server, You'll get accepted as Level 2.
If you have experience in being an Admin on other server, you'll get accepted as Level 3.
Once you got accepted, you must always online! If you are not online for 5 days, your rights will be taken away and if you wish to get it back, re-apply.


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