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Dear [GTA] Staff/Members[/color]

Well first of all We need to get these forums up and start posting around them, Apparently i see no new post nor threads, We actually gotta change that.

Well i like to announce that GTA has been a success thanks to our Owner [S4S]Leon, And with the helpers :
[GTA]Scorpion known as Managers

Perhaps we can get plenty of players IG by advertising our server on the SA:MP forums, However, It requires someone who is great at that, Who can make the server interesting by the way they describe it.

By doing so, You have to bee known around SA:MP cause it's impossible to actually get them to come without knowing you much Ain't i right?

Anyways, I will do my best to get us players to join and help our community, However, I will need help from the Level 5 admins.

The priotary will include many new stuff to the player who gets players in and stay here until the server is alive.

Any questions about what i just said, You may post them below.


Tank You Are Absolutely Right and i am Trying To Get Bring More ppl In Server But I am Little Busy So Thats Reason why i cant do it fast ! 

Not to worry Leon, That's why were here to help you.

Your welcome Scorpion, And I would love to be in the video, Let me know when And I'll go IG to record it, But will you record the video??

See This

Type In Google (SampEver Party Server) You Can See About Our Server it means If any one Type In Google  About Samp servers Our Server Will Show

More Here


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