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Admin aplication
« on: September 16, 2012, 04:13:42 Sun »
Ingame Name:[SA]Tafara
Country:South africa
In-game Score:20
Screenshot of your in-game /stats:None Sorry :(
How long are you playing SA:MP?:23/7
How long are you playing on !!**SampEver Party Server**!!g?:3-4hours
How often do you play daily at !!**SampEver Party Server**!!?:Everyday
Are you coming along well with other players?:Yes
Contact possibilities:Facebook name Tafara Makumbe
Teamspeak available?:No
Skype availabe?:No
Have you ever used Hacks? (If so delete it):No
Why do you want to be admin:to help others
What are ur experience as a Admin?:im Very good in being admin
What would indicate that you are admin for us:i will always listen
Would you tell us something?:I love being admin i love helping players that r in trouble
A player reports a cheater and he has godmode, what would you do?: kick the guy and at Reason: i say Next it's a Ban
Have you ever been kicked/banned in our server? ( No, / Yes reason:No )[/li][/list]

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Re: Admin aplication
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Denied :

never saw you on server
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